Korpsesoturi (Finland) in Rakvere

pe 18.10.2019   23:00     Kära Kants

Nettimyynti loppuu 18.10.2019 12:00

Schteinberg Oy presents:
18.10.2019, Kära Kants, Rakvere
Korpsesoturi (death metal, Kouvola, Finland)
First time in Rakvere
Kära Kants, Tallinna 28, Rakvere
Entrance 5/5KK/7 euro
Contacts schteinberg@gmail.com

Korpsesoturi – death metal band located in Kouvola (Finland) is formed originally 2014. At the time it is consisting only one man with vision of what Korpsesoturi should sound and feel like.
Main focuse of Korpsesoturi is to write old school death metal without any extra fanciness. Raw energy, dark lyrics in finnish language and sound which respects the traditional death metal. Some flavors from the years spent with different types of metal also.
Korpsesoturi recorded for the first time 2016 but these songs were never actually published anywhere.
Official Korpsesoturi EP was recorded in Spring 2017. In the first place it was released only via internet music sites. Caco-Daemon records released this ep in c-cassette form in July 2017 - there will be also a Japan edition in Autumn 2018. Death in Pieces records from Mexico released the official EP included with demo songs from 2016 in Autumn 2017. Feedback has been very good - especially outside of Finland.
At the moment and during the upcoming months the new material will be written. Full lenght album will be recorded during the Spring time 2018 with outstanding session musicians. This album will be released by Rotted Life record label (USA) in August 2018. New musicians for live gigs will be added after the recording sessions to be ready for ass kicking live acts.
Dark Wishes ,
Juha Ahlfors - bass, growling
Live Torment Crew:
Pekka Rytkönen - guitar, backing vocals
Sami Väkkärä - guitar, backing vocals
Otto Uotila - drums, backing vocals

 Pääsylippu 5.00 €

Kära Kants

Tallinna 28
43122 Rakvere

+372 322 3819
Schteinberg Oy
Yhteyshenkilö: Mikhail Schteinberg