Khiral (Finland) in Riga

su 14.11.2021 21:00

Nettimyynti loppuu 14.11.2021 12:00

 5.00 €

Schteinberg Oy presents:
14.11.2021, Republika, Riga
Khiral (death/thrash/black metal, Finland)
First time in Riga
Republika, Mazā Pils iela 11, Riga
Entrance 5/6 euro
Khiral is a death/thrash/black influenced metal band from Helsinki, Finland. The foundations were built already in 2008, but this stew required some years of slow cooking and a few lineup changes until 2016 when Khiral released their first singles Orphanage and UltravioleNt, followed by several live shows. Up to that period Khiral’s style had evolved from dark hardcore-inspired rock to a unique mixture of death, thrash and even some black metal elements, still leaning hard on catchy rhythms.
Year 2017 was a real step forward, as Khiral made their way to Emergenza band competition’s Finnish final, thus being able to introduce themselves to larger audiences. The band made their first two appearances abroad in Germany and on top of all, recorded their first album ‘Chained’ (released on Jan/2018). ‘Chained’ received nice reviews from around the world and set the base stone for things to develop. Khiral has since played many gigs and on a few festivals across southern Finland gaining more and more listeners along the way.
The band had a major line-up change around the turn of 2018-19 as both guitarists had to move on with their lives and were replaced. Along with new players the sound of Khiral is reaching more heavily to the direction of dark thrash metal, still keeping the elements of death metal and hints of black metal in the package.
Khiral’s album nr. 2 called ‘Shards’ will be recorded in the beginning of 2020. Some of the new songs have been played on the gigs already. The original schedule had to be postponed from year 2019 to 2020 due to rearranging the new material and driving the new players in properly, but the preparations are proceeding smoothly. 20’s will be a good decade for Khiral!
Band Members
Joni Öhman - bass,
Sami Lehtonen - guitar,
Tommi Kinnunen - guitar,
Markus Lehto - drums,
Tuomo Vänskä - vocals


Mazā Pils iela 11
LV-1050 Riga

Schteinberg Oy
Yhteyshenkilö: Mikhail Schteinberg