Korpsesoturi & Aghor in Republika, Riga

la 13.03.2021   20:00     Republika

Nettimyynti loppuu 13.03.2021 12:00
 Pääsylippu 5.00 €

Schteinberg Oy presents:
2.10.2020, Republika, Riga
Korpsesoturi (death metal, Kouvola, Finland)
Aghor (death metal, Tallinn, Estonia)
Republika, Mazā Pils iela 11, Riga
Entrance 5/7 euro
Contacts schteinberg@gmail.com

Korpsesoturi – old school death metal band was formed originally 2014. Main focuse of Korpsesoturi is raw energy, dark lyrics in finnish language and sound which respects the traditional old school death metal. Some flavors from the years spent with different types of metal also included.
Furst full lenght album Malus Corpus was recorded and mixed during the Spring and Summer 2018 with outstanding session musicians. This album was released by Rotted Life record label (USA) in November 16th, 2018.
Second full length album will be out in September 2020 via Xtreem records!

Aghor hails from Tallinn, Estonia. Born in 2013, the band stared up to mix some punk tunes with death metal riffs and recorded the demo called "Awe!Demo(n)" followed by the debut album "Necrolivonica" in 2014.
Over the time the sound and songwriting has evolved more into the direction of good and somewhat forgotten Old School Death Metal. The influences are all over board of the spectrum from the early 90ties sound and straight-forward songwriting with no compromises to the original style of the genre.
In 2018 Aghor recorded a follow up EP called "Graves With No Crosses" with four songs only and pressed it on 12" vinyl as the purest form of slap of death metal sound. With this latest EP Aghor is delivering the very honest and good mid-tempo death metal and it is obvious that the band has found the style what has been searched for since the start of the band.
Aghor line-up:
Erki - vox
Gates - guitar
Jan - bass
Rain - drums


Mazā Pils iela 11
LV-1050 Riga

Schteinberg Oy
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